Finding Christ in the Situation

We’ve seen in this post and this post that God has been at work in the world ahead of his people throughout the scriptures.  He was ahead of Joseph (Genesis 37-50), ahead of Daniel (Daniel 4:10-17), ahead of Peter (Acts 10:19-48), and ahead of all the apostles (Acts 11:19-30).

If we see examples of God at work ahead of his people throughout the scriptures, what does that mean for us today?  Does it mean that God is ahead of his people still today?

I would argue yes! 

A Derivative Witness

We can be sure that there is no place where God is not already present in some way. God’s activity isn’t limited to the geographical location of God’s people, nor do we need to be anxious about the success of the church’s ministry.  I love this quote from Lesslie Newbigin in The Open Secret: “The church’s witness is secondary and derivative. The church is witness insofar as it follows obediently where the Spirit leads.”

[This post initially appeared on the Flourish San Diego website.  You can read the entire article HERE.]

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