A Process for Discerning God’s Call

Vocational Connection Groups—which I began to discuss in this post and in this post—can be the key that unlocks a church’s ability to discern how God is calling them to engage their community.  I call them Vocational Connection Groups because they involve three activities:

  1. Living out our vocations.  In other words, as God’s people, we are called to live out our various callings—as moms and dads, as employees and employers, as business people and soccer coaches.
  2. Connecting with people.  As we live into our vocations, we are bound to interact with people—people who are loved by God and in whose lives God is already at work. 
  3. Meeting with other church members in groups to consider what God is up to in and around our vocations.


Forming People Deeply

The goal of Vocational Connection Groups is not just to discover how God is at work in the world. It is also to form church members into the kind of people who are growing in awareness of God’s activity and intentions in their place of work, in their school, in their family, and in their neighborhood. 

[This post initially appeared on the Flourish San Diego website.  You can read the entire article and HERE.]

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