A New Heart

Much has been said and written (including by me!) about the ways churches need to change in order to be the church we are called to be in the world as it is today.  Over the past several decades, we’ve used all kinds of adjectives to describe what the church should be like:

  • Missional
  • Attractional
  • Incarnational
  • Emerging
  • Organic
  • House
  • Cell
  • Multi-site
  • Etc., etc., etc.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these.  And I admit I have a couple of favorites in this list.

But here’s the danger.  When we put all our focus on the kind of church we should be, we run the risk of focusing only on externals.  We end up focusing on the things we should do in order to be a “missional church” or “incarnational church” or “house church” or whatever.

And when we focus only (or primarily) on the externals we end up losing sight of the thing that God longs for most—people.  I think more than anything else, God wants people to experience the depth of his love.  And for us to experience God’s incredible love for us, we need a deep inner life transformation.

[This post initially appeared on the Flourish San Diego website.  You can read the entire article and HERE.]

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