Episode 1: Why ‘Spiritual Life and Leadership’?

Why am I calling this podcast “Spiritual Life and Leadership”? Because the church needs leaders whose lives are characterized by a life of deep spirituality and union with Jesus. Yes, leadership techniques are valuable and church growth strategies can be helpful. But if those who are called to lead God’s people into God’s mission are not deeply connected to the heart of Jesus, the church and the world God loves will both suffer.


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  • My motives for wanting my church to grow had a lot to do with wanting to look successful.
  • I introduce myself–background, education, interests, family, etc.
  • I’m a Star Wars fan!  A real one–since way back in the day…  🙂
  • I love the church.  I don’t love everything about the church.  But I love the church.
  • Even with all its imperfections and, at times, ugliness, the church is the beautiful Bride of Christ.
  • This podcast comes in large part out of my love for the church.
  • My desire is for the church to experience the healing and wholeness that God wants for the world.
  • The spiritual life and leadership are not ends in themselves.
  • We don’t have a daily quiet time for the sake of having a daily quiet time.
  • I wanted to be a great leader so that my church would be successful–get bigger, have more programs, higher attendance and bigger budget.
  • Leadership matters so that we can help our churches, our people, participate in the mission of God.
  • The spiritual life matters because it shapes the way we lead and who we are as leaders.
  • Spiritual leadership requires a deep and growing union with God.
  • I share the kinds of things we will be talking about on this podcast.



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