Episode 5: Stewardship, Service, and Spoken Word – Interview with Jim Mullins

Jim Mullins is the Pastor of Theological and Vocational Formation at Redemption Church in Tempe, AZ. He’s also the Director of the Faith, Work, and Rest Initiative of the Surge Network in the Phoenix area. But what you really need to know about Jim is that he cares about people. In this episode, Jim talks about his rich theology of God’s mission and how we are called to participate in God’s mission by loving our neighbors.


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  • Why Jim asked the question, “Does American football contribute any good to the world that can’t be found in greater measure in other sports?”
  • Another question: “Which sport contributes most to shalom?”
  • Jim leads the Faith, Work, and Rest Initiative of the Surge Network in the Phoenix area.
  • The mission of God is God’s mission.
  • God is on a mission to restore all that was lost in the fall, including the spiritual, physical, and social aspects of life that have been corrupted and broken by sin and its effects.
  • There are three primary ways we participate in God’s mission:
    • Stewardship – We display the glory of the Father through the work of our hands.
    • Service – We display the love of Christ by washing the feet of the world.
    • Spoken Word – We display the power of the Spirit by opening our mouths.
  • In stewardship, we reflect God’s character in the ordinary stuff of life.
  • Service is the call to sacrificially love the other.
  • In spoken word, we verbally proclaim the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
  • In evangelism, we often treat the gospel like Ikea furniture–getting it out quickly and cheaply to as many people as possible–rather than as a “hand-crafted” display of God’s love and beauty.
  • Markus shares about a conversation with Fuller professors Sherwood Lingenfelter and James Bradley about the Four Spiritual Laws.  Lingenfelter said, “The Four Spiritual Laws are a great contextualization of the gospel for UCLA students in the 1950s.”
  • Jim shares his spiritual journey, his ministry in Turkey, and how his understanding of the gospel grew through his ministry.
  • When we start to ask the question, “How?” we’ve started to ask the question of mission.
    • How do I love God with all that I have?
    • How do I love my neighbor as myself?
    • As we ask these questions, we are functionally asking how we can participate in God’s mission?



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