Episode 8: Thoughtfulness Matters – Interview with Micah Lunsford

When it comes to following Jesus, thoughtfulness matters. It matters because God wants more than just our actions. God wants our hearts and our minds, too. In this episode, Micah Lunsford, the Founding Director of Resonance Journal, shares about why thoughtfulness and contemplation are so important for the spiritual life.


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  • Micah grew up the son of a Nazarene pastor.
  • Micah describes how he founded Resonance Journal.
  • After graduating from Fuller Theological Seminary, Micah got involved in a ministry that didn’t give him much time for thoughtful theological reflection. Micah expressed his frustrations to God and got an answer—“You can do more to be thoughtfully reflective.”
  • It was around this time that Micah caught the vision for Resonance Journal.
  • Resonance Journal was meant to be an ecumenical place for deep conversation, crossing traditional theological boundaries.
  • Resonance Journal is intended to be more than a publication; it is meant to be a community.
  • Micah feels passionate about engaging our minds as disciples of Christ.
  • The themes of the articles in Resonance Journal are presented in each issue in a chiastic structure: worship, scripture, witness, tradition, crux, tradition, witness, scripture, worship.
  • Each issue of Resonance Journal focuses on a specific theme. Recent themes include the Trinity, Christianity in Culture, the Sabbath, encountering the stranger, and so forth.
  • Thoughtful spiritual reflection is vital for spiritual leadership because we can only give what we have.
  • The digital subscription to Resonance Journal is entirely free. You subscribe at www.theologicalresonance.com/subscribe.



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