Episode 18: Ministering to Those Done With Ministry – Interview with DG Hollums

Ministry can be incredibly rewarding and it can be incredibly painful.  In this episode, DG Hollums, shares about his own painful experience in ministry.  But he doesn’t stop there.  DG also shares the steps he is taking to bring together an online community for those who have suffered in ministry.  Rather than becoming angry and cynical, DG is taking his experience of betrayal and hurt and is following God’s call to bless others who have had similar experiences.





  • DG Hollums describes his time as pastor of a church plant in Cincinnati called The Waters. It was a church that included followers of Jesus, as well as atheists and agnostics.
  • Diana Butler Bass in A People’s History of Christianity suggests that we should be putting our efforts less on the Great Commission and more on the Great Commandments.
  • Charles Wesley said he would know if someone was a Christian based on whether or not he saw the fruit of the Spirit in their life.
  • DG believes a church plant today needs to be a fifteen-year mission.
  • DG has experienced severe betrayal in his ministry life. He describes it as “pure pain.”
  • DG refers to those who have left ministry or are about to leave ministry because of the hurt they’ve experienced as “Dones” or “Almost Dones.” They aren’t done with their faith, but they are almost done with church.
  • Henri Nouwen in The Wounded Healer suggests that perhaps it is the wounded who need to be leading our churches.
  • Markus shares that his own experience of being wounded by the church has made him more compassionate and has given him greater clarity as to why the church exists.
  • DG is in the early stages of creating an online community that would help people who are “Done” or “Almost Done” with ministry find their calling through discipleship, mentoring, spiritual practices, career coaching, and so forth.
  • DG is writing a book titled The Divine Senses to help people pray through all of their senses.


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