Episode 35: God Wants His Kids Back, with Nate Landis

Youth ministry is not easy.  Especially in our Post-Christendom context.  But Nate Landis, President and Founder of Urban Youth Collaborative has created an incredibly effective way for churches to reach out to the next generation. Any kind of church. A young, hip, millennial congregation, or an aging Baby Boomer and beyond congregation.  In this episode, Nate Landis shares his passion for kids, for churches, and for helping churches pass their faith on to the next generation.







  • Nate Landis is the President and Founder of Urban Youth Collaborative.
  • Nate started his first Bible study in high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  • Nate was mentored early on by Tony Campolo.
  • Nate tells the story of how he was called to start Urban Youth Collaborative.
  • Urban Youth Collaborative (UYC) is designed to partner with churches to reach students through legal on-campus faith clubs.
  • Project 25 is a countywide project in San Diego County that gives students funds to use for ministry and service. Most student groups begin by multiplying the funds through fundraisers.
  • Mayor Kevin Faulkner of San Diego has issued a proclamation that May 3 of this year is “Project 25 Day” in the city of San Diego.
  • Markus reflects on the fact that UYC is designed to help restore shalom both in terms of students’ relationship with God and with their neighbors.
  • Nate Landis recently published a book titled God Wants His Kids Back: Schools of Thought to Reach a Lost Generation. The purpose of the book is to help people know what’s possible when it comes to helping kids connect with Jesus.
  • Urban Youth Collaborative is working with over sixty churches in San Diego.
  • Nate is currently working on a follow-up book titled The Campus Ministry Playbook. This book is intended to show people how to practically help kids connect with Jesus.
  • Nate’s invitation to churches would be, “Come and see.” Come and see what God is doing on high school and middle school campuses.
  • Churches require these qualities to reach out to students well:
    • Self-sacrifice
    • Dependence on God
  • Books can be purchased in bulk at a discount from www.uyc.org.
  • Urban Youth Collaborative can be reached by e-mail at info@uyc.org and by phone at 619-768-0278.





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