Episode 39: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, with Jimm Greer

Jimm Greer is the Founder and President of UMTR2ME (pronounced “You matter to me”), an organization that provides hope, encouragement, and counseling to individuals who are struggling with thoughts of suicide. In this interview, Jimm shares his own story of struggling with mental health challenges and how those challenges led him to start UMTR2ME.







  • Jimm Greer is the President and Founder of UMTR2ME (pronounced, “You Matter to Me”).
  • UMTR2ME provides hope, encouragement, and counseling to individuals who are struggling with thoughts of suicide.
  • Jimm Greer attempted suicide when he was in high school.
  • Jimm had struggled with mental health challenges, depression, and so forth for much of his life.
  • The words, “You matter to me,” are essential for someone who is going through a dark time.
  • Jimm shares a couple of stories of people who chose not to attempt suicide because of the ministry of UMTR2ME.
  • For those who know someone who is considering suicide, it’s important not to be afraid to talk to them about it. The first question to ask is, “Why? Why are you feeling this way?”
  • The UMTR2ME bracelets are a tool to start conversations and remind people that they do matter to someone.
  • Jimm describes himself as having a “fierce” relationship with God.
  • The times that Jimm feels the closest to God are also the times when he feels the farthest from God.
  • Jimm shares the story of how he started UMTR2ME. It came out of a dark moment of anger at God for not removing his mental health challenges. Jimm then changed his prayer to say, “God, I don’t want you to change me or fix me. I just want you to help me through this.” Within 72 hours, UMTR2Me was up and running.
  • UMTR2ME’s website is www.umtr2me.org. UMTR2ME can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.
  • UMTR2ME’s e-mail address is info@umtr2me.org, and the phone number is 760-440-UMTR (8687).




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