Episode 40: Preaching, Worship, and Justice, with Jennifer Ackerman

Jennifer Ackerman, Director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching and the Director of the Ogilvie Instutute’s Micah Groups tells us all about Micah Groups in the interview.  What are Micah Groups?  Micah Groups are a way for spiritual leaders to grow in the integration of preaching, worship, and justice in their ministries.







  • Jennifer Ackerman is the Director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute of Preaching.
  • The Ogilvie Institute is committed to being a place where preaching, worship, and justice converge.
  • Micah Groups was created by Mark Labberton, the first Director of the Ogilvie Institute (and current President of Fuller Theological Seminary), to help pastors integrate preaching, worship, and justice.
  • Jennifer’s doctoral dissertation is on pastor and theologian Howard Thurman and his role in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Jennifer tells more about Micah Groups.
  • The name, “Micah Groups,” is based on Micah 6:8.
  • Jennifer shares some great stories about Micah Groups.
  • Christena Cleveland wrote a book called Disunity in Christ in which she discusses the importance of getting out of our bubbles.
  • Jennifer feels God shaped her to be a “catalytic leader,” drawing out the strengths of the people she leads.
  • Worship is a kind of practicing of who and what we are to be in the world.
  • Micah Groups gave Markus a greater capacity for stepping into situations that are uncomfortable.
  • Information about Micah Groups can be found at www.micahgroups.org.
  • The Ogilvie Institute is launching short 4-week Micah Intensives in which participants do individual work and then gather for a weekly webinar with other participants.
  • Contact Jennifer Ackerman at jenniferackerman@fuller.edu.




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