Episode 48: Integrity and Coherence in Leadership, with Lisa Slayton, CEO of Tamim Partners

In a broken and confusing world, it is realy hard to know the right thing to do.  In this episode, Lisa Slayton doesn’t come with a bunch of clear-cut answers, but she does raise the right questions. And I think she points in the right direction.  We need to become people of integrity, people who live lives of coherence. The Hebrew word for this is tamim. Lisa Slayton, the CEO of Tamim Partners, works with leaders and organizations to help them live from a place of integrity and coherence.






  • Lisa Slayton is the CEO of Tamim Partners.
  • Tamim is a Hebrew word often translated as “perfect” or “blameless.” A better translation might be “wholeheartedness,” “integrity,” or “coherence.”
  • Lisa suggests that shalom is an outward expression of wholeness and tamim refers to an inner wholeness that is required for true shalom.
  • Lisa Slayton had previously been the CEO of the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation.
  • Lisa shares about why she felt it was time to leave the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation.
  • We live in a VUCA world: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity.
  • Lisa is a student of systems thinking, initially developed by Murray Bowen.
  • Edwin Friedman, a student of Bowen’s, wrote a fantastic book titled, A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix.
  • Lisa sometimes describes herself as an “organizational anthropologist.”
  • In order to best coach an organization and/or its leader, it is critical to look at the systems.
  • The traditional leadership skills are no longer able to meet the needs that most leaders have in the environments in which they are leading.
  • Leaders can’t rely on “best practices” anymore.
  • Pastors today have not been given the tools or resources to lead in these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.
  • Lisa is committed to the Made to Flourish pastors’ network.
  • Tamim Partners has for key values: integrity, hospitality, learning, and relationships.
  • Integrity has to do with living integrated, coherent lives.
  • Leaders often push themselves to the point of dis-integration and in-coherence.
  • Leaders are called to create environments of radical hospitality.
  • An axiom Lisa shares: “What we know gets in the way of what we need to learn.”
  • When a leaders says, “I just don’t know what to do,” that’s when the leader is ready to begin truly learning.
  • Relationships matter. People are not a means to an end.
  • Lisa hates the language churches often use, that “we need to get people plugged in.” People are not plugs.
  • Businesses use the language of “human resources.” People are viewed, not as people but as resources.
  • Much of what Lisa has shared is reminiscent of the previous two episodes of Spiritual Life and Leadership:
  • Lisa can be found through the Tamim Partners website, www.tamimpartners.com.
  • Lisa wrote a series of blog posts titled, The Wholeness Journey.
  • Lisa just began a new series of posts focusing on systems thinking.




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