Episode 51: Healing Homelessness, with Michelle LeBeau, San Diego Rescue Mission

There is no easy solution to homelessness and extreme poverty.  But some solutions are definitely better than others.  In this episode, Michelle LeBeau, Director of Church Partnerships at the San Diego Rescue Mission, shares why deep inner life transformation is so important for helping people escape poverty.





  • Michelle LeBeau is the Director of Church Partnerships at the San Diego Rescue Mission.
  • Michelle is the daughter of a Presbyterian pastor. She shares about her life as a “rebellious” pastor’s kid.
  • Michelle shares about her journey to joining the San Diego Rescue Mission.
  • The San Diego Rescue Mission is a twelve-month holistic recovery and rehabilitation program.
  • There are four phases in the Rescue Mission’s recovery process:
    • Wellness
    • Education
    • Employment
    • Housing
  • The staff at San Diego Rescue Mission does “trauma-informed care,” which approaches behavior from a perspective that asks, “What happened to you?” rather than, “What’s wrong with you?”
  • The first step to getting healthy is to acknowledge you have a problem. This is true in the recovery process, as well as in the church and in life in general.
  • To be a “red-letter Christian” is to focus on the teachings of Jesus.
  • In regard to church partnerships, the Rescue Mission wants to start by asking, “How can we help the local church?”





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