Helping people, teams, and churches live into the fullness of who they were created to be.

Living Into God’s Big Story

I have experienced both the good and the bad of church leadership. I have lived through both the life-giving and the heartbreaking. I have been loved and I have been burned. And while I wouldn’t want to go through the hard parts again, I would never take them back. It is the valleys that make for a full life. It is the challenges that make for depth of character.

Through it all, my passion has always been to bring healing and wholeness to the world through the local church.

For years I lived out that passion as a pastor of a local congregation. Today, I coach churches as the Director|Storyteller for Flourish San Diego.

What do I mean by “Storyteller”?  I mean that I help people live into the Big Story of God–the story into which God has invited each and every one of us to live out our lives.  When individuals, teams, and churches live out their stories as part of God’s Big Story, that’s when they can become fully who they were created to be.

I would love to work with your church, your team, or with you personally to discover how your story fits into the story of God.