God’s People Are Out There

When I was a pastor, one of the greatest challenges was to try to figure out how to bring Jesus into our communities.  We would talk about that a lot—in our staff meetings, in our elder meetings, in our deacons meetings.  I would talk about it from the pulpit.  I would write e-mails about it.  And sometimes I would beat my head against a wall because I couldn’t seem to get the formula right!

Then it occurred to me.  What if we aren’t called to bring Jesus into our communities—as though he isn’t already there?  What if our calling as churches and individuals is simply to join God in what God is already doing?

Paradigm Shift

That sounds great, but let’s be honest—this involves a significant paradigm shift!  It’s a major change both for church members and especially for church leaders.

[This post initially appeared on the Flourish San Diego website.  You can read the entire article HERE.]

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